Application Mobile – RE/MAX LEADS

Application Mobile – RE/MAX LEADS

Nouvelle création d'un site web par THALES IT - 17 mars 2018

RE/MAX Experts presents the new application in Real Estate for the Lebanese Market.

The first of it’s kind in the world and middle east, RE/MAX Leads is now available in Lebanon.

RE/MAX Leads a new application to earn money by searching for any potential buyer or seller in real estate.

Search a potential buyer or a seller in real estate?

 Anyone around you is looking to buy or sell a real estate property? Apartment, House, Chalet, Villa, Land, Building, Office…

Add the lead
 : You can add a potential seller or buyer any time using this application. In few seconds, add photos, location and description.

We will contact the lead
 : As soon as we receive the information, one of our experienced agents will contact your lead in order to sign a mandate with him.

Earn up to 700$ and more
 : If the lead agrees to sign the mandate with our agent, you can earn up to 700$ and much more for each transaction depending on the property price.

It’s your turn : 

Once the deal is closed, we will be contacting you regarding the payment.